30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

Based off of a Ted Talk by: Matt Cutts

Interpreted by: Catherine Stapleton

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere new? Do you watch too much reality TV? Do you know you need to start exercising more, but you really don't want to?

You can begin the 30-day challenge and start trying new things that you've always wanted to. It's about adding new "behaviors" to your life, and maybe even subtracting certain habits that you know you should (such as constantly binge watching Netflix). For 30 days, do something that you normally would not. Step out of your comfort zone. Get comfortable with being a little "uncomfortable".

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

Think about something that will bring you not only happiness over a 30-day period, but will bring you more self-confidence, unforgettable experiences, and a better lifestyle. Challenge yourself and think outside the box. I know there's something that you've been wanting to do but haven't had the "time", "really felt like doing it", or "didn't want to spend the money". The time is now and you have 30 days to go for it!

Step 2: Follow Through

Make sure you're not slacking with your 30-day challenge. If you said you'd eat healthy, work out, or lay off the online shopping every day for 30 days... You need to be doing it! Try not to make excuses for yourself. Remember that there will be probably an amazing outcome and you'll feel awesome knowing that you reached your goal in such a short amount of time! Remember: You can do anything for 30 days.

Step 3: Goal Reached

Once you've finished your 30-day challenge, simply reflect. Think about what you can take from this.  According to Matt Cutts, if you try to implement smaller and achievable changes into your life after this challenge, they are more likely to actually work. Cutts says that “bigger challenges are always fun, but are less likely to stick”. Are you going to try to travel more frequently? Will you continue to eat healthier? How did all of this make you feel? If you have gained more self-confidence, memories, and better habits over the course of this challenge - you are already on a successful path. Congrats to you for going the extra mile and accomplishing something that you never thought you could!


Always Opting2Care,

Catherine Stapleton