Consultant of the Quarter Q1 2018

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Congratulations Sibtain Kagalwala - Our Consultant of the Quarter for Q1 2018!

 Nominated by: Senior Tech Recruiter Dana Faradie and National Sales Director Jenny Toedt


The Consultant of the Quarter award is our way of publicly recognizing a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work. The following are just a few reasons why Sibtain truly deserves this award.


Sibtain Kagalwala has been contracting with Optomi for over 2+ Years. He represents all of our core values in his daily work and we are often reminded of that from his managers. Sibtain works on the Openstack/DevOps Team and has been able to build great relationships despite working remotely in Houston. He has been critical in the success of the client's team and we are fortunate to have him here at Optomi.


Note from manager:

“Hi Jenny,

                Marcellus told me he was able to talk to you at lunch with respect to getting some recognition for the work that Sibtain has done for us this year. Not sure how the recognition process works at Optomi but I’d like to submit the write-up.

                “Throughout the entirety of 2017, Sibtain has shown a high degree of interest in and concern for the work he’s assigned to on behalf of our company.  I’ve worked with quite a few contractors over the years and there are none that even come close to Sibtain’s interest in and concern for his work. Sibtain takes an active interest in his assignments above and beyond the norm by actively listening and suggesting alternate strategies where applicable.  Most importantly, there’s an unusually high degree of concern for the finished product. He’s genuinely concerned that the solutions he produces for us not just “work” but are “best fits” for the work that our organization is engaged in. This is highly uncommon to find in a contractor.

                In addition to the above, Sibtain possesses a high degree of natural ability that he has put to use in pioneering the team’s use of technologies that are being leveraged to support business functions in our organization. What’s more, these newer technologies have a steep learning curve that Sibtain conquered through hard work and perseverance. For example, the early work that Sibtain did with Django and React directly lead to the ability of other members of our team to put together a web application that tracks incoming license keys from a vendor we order software from. Again, he’s been a fantastic asset to work with and we’ve learned so much by having him as a part of our organization. Our team’s overall success is a direct result of the work he’s put in during 2017. Much thanks to Sibtain and to Optomi for a valuable resource!”


In addition to this blog, Sibtain will be featured in our company newsletter. He will also be thanked by our co-founder Todd Black and be treated to dinner with our National Sales Director Jenny Toedt and his Senior Tech Recruiter Dana Faradie. Every Consultant of the Quarter recipient is awarded a $250 grant to the charity of their choice. Sibtain has chosen to donate to the National MPS Society.The National MPS Society exists to cure, support and advocate for MPS and ML. We are very proud to have Sibtain as a representation of Optomi!