Three Principles To Implement Daily

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Podcast: Three Principles To Implement Into Your Daily Life

Presented by: Todd Henry & re-interpreted by me:)

Based on David Allan's "Getting Things Done" 

Are you going to work each day and dreading that one task that you know you really (reeealllyy) need to get done? Are you feeling a little out of the loop when it comes to the project that you're working on? Here are three awesome strategies, given to us by Todd Henry and David Allan, to keep yourself organized, on task, and creative at all times. They're all easy to follow and I think you'll really appreciate each one.

Take a look: 

  1. 2 minute rule - We all know the feeling of looking over your long to-do list for the day, and continuously ignoring that one task that you absolutely, positively do not want to complete until you really have to. The "2 minute rule" is a great rule of thumb to use when maneuvering through your tasks list.The rule says that if the task will take less than 2 minutes and you have the time to do it, then do it now. If not, your tasks will build and build until they finally take you down. Try to follow this rule the next time you're planning out your day.
  2. Have a next action for every single project - If you're one of those people that doesn't exactly "go by the book" and likes to "go with the flow", then you may have a little trouble staying on track during your next big project. The way to stop this is to continue coming up with actions to complete while working on your projects. You should try your best to review each project regularly and make sure that you always know the very next move. It always helps to make an outline, develop new ideas, take great notes, collaborate with others, and stay on task. On the next project that you work on - Ask yourself: "What’s the very next thing that I need to do to push this project out?" Don't allow your projects to fall apart - Take Action.
  3. Make sure that you're capturing every thought - Our professors always told us that we should "pay attention" and "take great notes". They were more accurate than you think. Taking good notes is so important. We really should take notes whenever we can. A great idea given to us by Todd Henry is to carry a small notebook or index card to record every insight, observation, potential task, etc. You could also utilize a tech-savvy tool such as your Apple watch or iPad to keep track of reminders, meetings, or any other time sensitive event. You gain nothing from trying to keep these ideas in your head because in all actuality you're not going to remember them. When reviewing the notes that you take, ask yourself, "Is there a next move or specific idea that I can add to my list to really benefit me in the long run?"  

It is the right idea to have some sort of organization within your projects, ideas, and tasks. I believe that all of 3 of these principles will help you to not only improve, but truly succeed. Todd Henry suggests giving them a try for a few weeks (and I do also) to see how much they actually make a difference in your personal and professional life. I think you'll be surprised :)

Always Opting2Care,

Catherine Stapleton